This blog is very much about appreciating everyday life. But also
about creativity and eye candy in different forms. I´m posting art
and design related inspirations – books, patterns, crafts etc.

In my daily life I make a living mostly as a photographer and designer.
Find some of my design over at Fine Little Day, Studio Violet or Lula.
Photo portfolio here.

Me and my family live in Gothenburg, Sweden. It's me, my husband
Dennis, our two kids, Tovalisa 12, Otto 9 and the Devon Rex cat, Hiro.

I really appreciate the comments and emails I get, even if I´m not able to
answer and follow up always. But it is the communication that makes the
blogging fun and worth all effort, so thanks for stopping by!


* Contact


- What camera do you use?
I shoot mostly with a Canon Eos 5D 24-70 mm 2,8 and a Ricoh GR

- Can I link to your blog?

- Where do you sell your things?
Find some of my work at www.finelittleday.com For information about retailers click here.
For wholesale inquirys please mail. You can also find my work at Studio Violet.

- I'm coming to your town, do you have any Gothenburg tip?
* The areas around Haga and Linné are nice to stroll.

* You should walk by Andra långgatan (in the same area) and check out
Two Little Birds, a café and art gallery, Iris Berså and Hades antique store.

* In Haga you can drink good coffee (says my husband, I don´t drink coffe)
and eat good sandwhiches at Le Petit Café.
Some nice shops in Haga are Drömma and Bebop.

* Good coffee + bagels at Linnégatan, Bönor & Bagels.
* In Linné you can find three very nice shops in a raw on Olivedalsgatan. Once upon a time,
Popitop and Verkstan.
* Second hand shops in Linné, Myrorna, Järntorgsgatan 10, Emmaus, Linnégatan 9.

* Other good places to visit in Gothenburg are Röda Sten, Göteborgs konsmuseum and
Botaniska Trädgården, the largest botanical garden in Sweden.

* One of the best second hand stores in Gothenburg is Holmens marknad, open every day.
Another good second hand place is Saron Kyrkan, open at thursdays and saturdays.

* Two favorite shops in the city area, Prickig Katt and Emma & Malena.

* If you visit with kids you should definitely visit Slottsskogen, where you also find
Naturhistoriska Museet (Natural History Museum), Barnens Zoo (children's zoo) and Djurgårdarna
(a family animal park). Don't miss the feeding of the seals at 2 pm!

* The science center Universeum, can also be worth it.

* If you come in the summertime I would recommend to visit the beautiful southern archipelago,
Styrsö, Brännö, Donsö, Köpstadsö and Vrångö, nice for bathing and excursions, all accessible by
public ferries which leave from Saltholmen.

Unfortunately I don´t have any good tip for hotels or youth hostels, but I´m sure
that you can find tip on the web.

- I'm coming to Stockholm, do you have any tip where to go?
When I´m in Stockholm I like to go to:

* Moderna museet.
* Art bookstore, Konst-ig.
Wigerdals värld, vintage design furniture and curios things.
* The areas around Södermalm, where you can find nice shops like Tjalla Malla.

* For more tip´s about Stockholm check out Emmas Designblog´s Stockholm guide.

En bra alternativ guide till Göteborg för er som förstår svenska, Göteborg Nonstop.