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Good bye Blogspot

I guess it won't last for long, that fact that we can play like this together. They are growing
way too fast. Left overs from the Mr M-book.

This is the last post I do here at Blogspot, at least for a while (if the technical goes as planned).
The new site is suppose to appear on the web very very soon. You can still use your old links though,
and the same address as well if you want. Because If you type this blogspot address in the address
bar you’ll be directed to the new site automatically further on. It has been a joy,
thank you and good bye Blogspot.

I hope you will enjoy the new.

Mimi's Circus, premiere.



Was suppose to continue blog about Jenny's place today, but I kind of want
to save it for the new blog that hopefully will be ready very soon.
Instead a post about my constant companions these cold winter days, my
new boats - Beak boots. Expensive, but indeed a good buy.

Muakbabi, house shaped rugs.
10 Incredible Artists Unappreciated in Their Time.


Got a present from a friend today, this nice looking book.
Gave myself presents as well this and this book, no more unhealthy food!
(well, I'm 40)

And, we have a winner in loja de estar's giveway - Gracia, congratulations :)
Thanks you all of you who commented, and special thanks to
loja de estar!



Privileged I am. Today I had the pleasure to visit two very inspiring homes, and very nice people.
One of them, illustrator Jenny Wilk's. This is Jenny's atelier, located in a wing of the old house.

Coussin Moustache, La cerise sur le gateau.

Don't forget loja de estar's giveaway, until Friday, November 19.


From my bookmarks.
Malin Gabriella Nordin is listed under "Supersjysst" - super nice.
I guess you can see why. More set design by Malin here.
Photo by a supersjysst photographer Erik W. (This photo is cropped).



Imagine a whole wall with photo booth photos, would be so nice. This Ebay seller has a lot.
I did something like a start of a wall like that once, but in colored illustrations.

Working on a new blog look, hope to have it ready very soon, impatient.

CustardHeartVIntage, Etsy seller - vintage ST. JOHN cashmere blend peplum sweater.
Hindsvik, Etsy seller.



The carpets, all the time. Guilty - Hiro.

I'm enjoying Jayme McGowan's and Jennifer Murphy's blog.



Sponsor giveaway

This week bring you a giveaway from Portugal - a whole packge of goodies from loja de estar:

"In a quiet town near the sea there will be a cozy, warm and colorful place where you
will feel at home. This space exists only in the future. A future dreamed by Sandra and
Sílvia, two Portuguese girls who imagined and are creating ‘loja de estar’: a ‘living store’
as a shop where more than buying things you can stay and have a good time. Meanwhile,
the idea of this place is already in everyone’s houses all over the world at lojadestar.com,
an online shop for contemporary living.

Today loja de estar is celebrating one year of existence and there couldn’t be such a perfect
opportunity to spread all the things we treasure the most: warmth, comfort, beauty and seeds
for projects, dreams and life. So, ‘loja de estar’ is giving away a small package to a fine little
day reader. In this package you can find:

- warm and comfortable handmade embroidered slippers
- a cooling in summer and warm in the winter t-shirt made of bamboo
- a small purse made of vintage Russian scarves
- a small purse made with vintage handmade embroidery skirts
- a garden ready to grow inside a little eggling

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To enter, just leave a comment in this post. The winner will be chosen by a random number
and announced Friday, November 19.

Good luck everyone!



Sunday. Enjoying a hand bound treasure from Seth Clark, 96 Houses.
A 100 page book with a playful collection of house drawings.
Buy it here.

Covent Garden.
Wo & We Collection, vintage restored lamps, re-assembled from industry components.


Last post from - Aida, Patrik and their two girls lives here

Note the small mosaics teak table, and Aida's home made lamp in the ceiling. The colorful
planet mobile is a junk room find, as many of the other items in this loaded and inspiring place.

A big congratulation to you Diplomatson, you won La Casita De Wendy's giveyaway!
Please mail me your address. Thank you
La Casita De Wendy, and many thanks to all
of you who commented.



Aida, Patrik and their two girls lives here 5
One more post after this from this inviting home before I leave it.

Swarm, here, here and here.

La Casita de Wendy's giveaway.