We have visitors from north, my mother and my niece.
The table is set with gift from my mothers second hand store :)

Have you seen Déboras lovely cards? The penguin - big favorite.
Bear hungry necklace from Lazy Jane.
Rainbow painting from CH&CH.

The two sold out chopping boards, Up & Fruit People are back in shop.
(Thank you Formpress for fast work!)

Deadlines for orders, if you want them before Christmas:

Sweden to Sweden - December 21
Sweden to Europe - December 16
Sweden to the rest of the world - December 9



Cricketfamily said...

Love your blog! Thought I would share with you this amazing 'makeunder' by the uber-talented Aussie stylist Romy Frydman :) http://tinyurl.com/ykty45x

marie-louise said...

Nu fick du fina grejer!
Korsstyngstavlan - Mmmmm!!!!!!!!

Karine said...

Hello Elisabeth,
I'm found of your blog (i've linked it on my pieni shop) and since i've discovered that little box (for knitting i guess) on one of your picture i wish i could have one. And so i see today a picture with plenty of it!! Don't you think of selling some in your little shop?
Karine from france

Anonymous said...

Love the plates!

karin said...

The tue-tue postcards are more than cute.

Fine Little Day said...

Karin, there will be some of the sew boxes in the shop further on :)!

Kaylovesvintage said...

Hi Mum , nice to hear that you love vintage

emma said...

HALLÅ! Stor nostalgiklump i halsen, sånadär snurr-jul.grejor hade vi i stallet all over förr i tiden, ååå nu saknar jag stallet så himlans mycke'!

caramela said...

Such a lovely blog!
The sewing boxes are great and so are the plates- and that young girl with the intense look in her eyes-!
Annamaria :)

Flora said...

Love Deborah's cards! thanks for the link :)

Christine said...

i like the photo with your niece, she is lovely

Heidi said...

looks like your mom has equally good taste. and a second-hand store to boot? what a lucky girl.


chelsea said...

What lovely treasures! And Guests are treasures toooo!!!

Katie said...

your blog is wonderful!
everything is so neat and the pictures are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Nu när min blogg växt så mycket på kort tid så kör jag mitt livs första frågestund, är lite rädd att den ska floppa dock då det som sagt är premiär...så kika gärna in och undra något=)

kram och trevlig kväll/erica


Veja cecilia said...

wow, slutsålda! inte illa, shit vad roligt. stämde frakten ungefär?

Kickcan and Conkers said...

Débora's cards are fantastic, thanks for the link!