Got a present from a friend today, this nice looking book.
Gave myself presents as well this and this book, no more unhealthy food!
(well, I'm 40)

And, we have a winner in loja de estar's giveway - Gracia, congratulations :)
Thanks you all of you who commented, and special thanks to
loja de estar!



dani said...

å bokomslaget är jättefint!

lundt said...

I´d love to eat this - RIGHT NOW!

Heidi said...

I'm 42 and eating healthy too!!
love the book.

Jennifer said...

I'm 41 and have oatmeal for breakfast many days... with toasted pumpkin seeds, banana, and (not so healthy) chocolate chips.

Kate Moore said...

Are the presents because it's a birthday? Hmmmm? Happy birthday if that's the case and I'm with you. Love the look of that sandwich. Yummo.

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Anonymous said...

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