Thank you so much for the super nice response that we got for our Mr Mustache book!
And, for all orders :) I have put a load of books in the mail today. For those who didin't
know, we have decided to make the book in english as well. So now you can choose
swedish or english.

This is for dogs, wonder if cats can use it too.
Hiro would need one this weekend, when we're going to our country house again.
Starting to get cold in Sweden and the house is not winterized.
Think he would like this basket as well.

Ilse Acke makes great handwoven scarfs.
Underwerket interviewing me.



Heidi said...

I have to catch up on Mr Mustache...I posted about My son he walked into school with his mustache envy shirt on and a fake thick mustache. He was so cute!

I'm excited for you to get to go and winterize your sweet cottage.

it was 27 degree this morning in Alaska!

naa said...

Lovely interview! And I hope you and Camilla have many copies of your new book because I'll be able to order it some other month... :)

Esti said...

The book looks fantastic. I hope you get to sell loads and loads and so Mr Mustache gets to travel and see the world :)

mdv said...

Excuse...Heidi, 27 degree in Alaska??!

jo said...

I absolutely love this!

I will definetly be ordering soon, I hope. And I will tell all my friends about it as well !

It is getting pretty, misty chilly here in Seattle too....ahhh, I kinda like it. ;)

Make it Easy said...

YAY!!! i always wondered about rhyming in different languages....when its translated into another language, does the rhyme loose its rhyme? haha does that make sense.

like enlgish: cat & hat
but in japanese its: neko & boshi

hmmmm hahah something i always wondered about it, i wonder how your book does the rhyming in english too, it must be great!

misako mimoko said...

CONGRATS Elisabeth!!!!!!
love it!!!
what a sweet and gorgeour work :)

Louise said...

Hiro would look absolutely darling in that pullover! have a lovely time at the house, time for blankets :)

ilse acke said...

thanks Elisabeth! :-)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to get my copy! :) xx