Johanna, her daughter Malou and their cat Lasse lives here.
Johanna is an interior stylist and a nice friend (+ daughter to Pia).

Johanna, Malou & Lasse lives here 1
Johanna, Malou & Lasse lives here 2
Johanna, Malou & Lasse lives here 3
Johanna, Malou & Lasse lives here 4

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Masy said...

a place with it's very own integrety and charm, that's for sure ! :-)
have a good weekend!

becky said...

So lovely! I especially like the little desk/workstation.

Kaylovesvintage said...

the cat is so cute

nice photos , very much my cup of tea

Anonymous said...

Interesting house and really really cute little cat! He looks like Hiro, only black version. Xx

Skytsengelmin said...

What a charming and lovely place. really life-affirming!


e said...

Guuu va fint. Särskilt det där serveringsskåpet/serveringsgången. Älskar såna detaljer, INBYGGT i hemmet. <3
super. glad vår!

Eugen Caitaz said...

Hi! Your lasts post is so nice!

soulsearcher said...

no wonder why the arrangement looks edgy because an interior designer is living there..much like the mehndi designs...i like the room simple yet (again) edgy

orange sugar home said...

love, love the hub caps!! how fine! what a sweet home to raise a family.

misako mimoko said...

lovely places as usual!
thank you and wish you have a sweet weekend :)

miarosa said...

underbart E-beth!

denitsa said...

I'm so so happy! :)
Thank you, Shak-shuka! Thank you, Elisabeth!