When not working, Sundays are for lovers.

Holiday starts next week, yay.
Then I'm going to buy this, and then this.
I wish.



bastisRIKE said...

fingers crossed!


at swim-two-birds said...

hope your wish will come true :-)
happy holliday!

Jutta said...

I wish you good luck! Det där hus är en dröm.

Kate Kelleher said...

I have no idea what the first thing is you are going to buy, but the second thing rocks! fingers crossed

satu said...

oh my this house is so nice! i love all the summer houses you have posted but this is somehow very special. ^_^

happy holidays!

gini said...

looks like a cooL book!
bonne chance for the trisslott! you deserve that summer house!!
hippy holidays!


Helena said...

sundays are for lovers....what a wonderfull frase

alessandra said...

Ahhhh if I'd win the lottery...I'll buy for you!
Good luck with the trisslott!

kristina - no penny for them said...

lol - good luck with your scratch card! off to buy one myself... ;)

"sundays are for lovers" looks just beautiful.

L said...

Come on, skrapa fram storkovan nudå!

kolla va fint härå: http://www.hemnet.se/beskrivning/721756?r=3


knasigt nog äre granne med: http://lisenadbage.com/blog/?id=674 !!! Très bon.

Sathya said...

have a really good holiday! oh and this house is a dream!! I hope it´s coming true for you!

Unknown said...

that dog...adorable.