Last week Otto got a question. Kind of a dream assignment for him:
-Do you want to be a test pilot, for a new Lego game? Of course!
The game is called Minotaurus, and here is Otto's review of it.

"The game reminds me of Fia med knuff (Ludo) and I think it was really fun. The Minotaurus
looked cool, but the people pieces was small. I liked that there was a possibility to block the other
player with a wall and to rebuild the labyrinth. It was fun to build the game as well. I wish there
was Lego Star Wars board game too."



children's clothing said...

What a great thing to be able to do - testing a product.

Lovely World said...

Oh boy! My son will be happy to see this! I think he, too, would like a Lego Star Wars game. He plays one on the computer, but I would love for him to have the actual pieces in "real life."

Anonymous said...

Lego board game?! Wow :) /Kate

belinda marshall said...

my 5 year old son was very interested in this post! he says, maybe you can make up a version of this game with your star wars characters!
fun job Otto has :)

jOhanna dU Zulu said...

Fint jobbat Otto..!

Carina said...

Åh, den har Cesar med :)
Vackra bilder som vanligt

afton said...

this lamp, i love.

frk Axelsen said...

Hei du! syntes fargen dere har på veggen er utrolig flott. skal kjøpe inn maling til min nye leilighet, og lurer på om du har koden eller navnet liggende et sted? elsker bloggen din, du har et fantastisk øye for FINE stuff. Blir utrolig innspirert av å følge deg. sommelykke til sommerhjemmet i sverige!

Fine Little Day said...

Hej frk Axelsen, tack för din kommentar :) Tyvärr så har jag inte kvar numret eller namnet på köksväggsfärgen. Ljusblå med mer cyan än rött vet jag iallafall. Lycka till med lägenheten!