Me in our "cosy light" elevator.

When I was younger I took many photos of myself. Trying to figure out who I was, and to look good I guess.
Now days I hardly ever see portraits of myself. I´m not so keen on to stand in front of the camera any more.
But here I am taking a photo of myself to blog. I´m 39, have two kids and a husband. Who I am pretty much
shows in this blog.

I think it would be nice to know a little more who you are.
You who visit me sometimes. Three questions.

1. Age?
2. Country?
3. How often are you here?

Thank you.



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Hanna Åberg said...

20, sverige, varje gång du uppdaterar :D

Inês Rosa said...

Almost every day.

Anonymous said...

1. Lene
2. Norway
3. When ever a new post comes up.

Would be fun to see some photos of you from when you where younger too :) Thank you for a great blog!

amy said...

Sydney, Australia
Most days!

Fanny said...

Jag är 22 och bor i sthlm. Jag är här nästan varje dag och kikar :) alltid lika trevligt!

jenna said...

1. 17
2. US
3. about everyday, love your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

36, Germany, a couple times a week.

Nice to get a face on you. Would like to see more of you :) R.

Marta said...

1.Marta, 24.
3.I visit you blog every day, when you update new post, I see you blog. I love your photo, your artistic pieces ...

greetings from Spain

nath said...

ha! this is a good post. you look good, by the way, those glasses are splendid.


and well, yes, everyday.

Dylan Hoyt Cole said...

Hello Elisabeth.

wow, it's great of you to ask!

US [Minnesota & Michigan]
a couple times a week.

you have a wonderful, admirable life that you photograph beautifully. Thank you so much for sharing...I love all the many textiles, smiles, and things you share.

Crystal said...

Okay, first of all, there is no way you are 39. You look 19!

I'm 31, from U.S., and I have your blog in my Google Reader, so I visit every time you update. :)

Anonymous said...

michelle, 32
new mexico, USA
a few times, pretty new to blogging

Jessie said...

Wisconsin, USA
I read your blog in my RSS reader.

misako mimoko said...

ok Elisabeth, let's play!
maybe, once or twice a week... ( but you have to ask also for how long we stay here)
i stay here for a loooong long time :)

and nice to meet you.

Débora said...

Looking great Elisabeth :)

Sarah said...

First time here!

Anonymous said...

Hi Elisabeth!
I currently live in West Virginia in the U.S. where my soon-to-be husband is going to medical school.
No kids yet, but we have a dog,Lucy, and our cat, Rachel.

I check your blog almost every day.
It's a wonderful and inspiring place to visit!
Thank you so much!!
All my best,

Amy said...

38, USA, I usually read up on what you're doing via my feed reader, so I always see your posts the day you publish them. I come to the actual site less frequently.

Anonymous said...

3.Often.. it's really the kind of univers i love.

karen said...

Everytime you post, I subscribe to your feed.

sushi lover said...

29. portugal . everyday (on google reader)

FeeMail said...

28, germany, everyytime you post something new :-)!

rachel said...

1. 24
2. Washington, USA
3. Just started visiting your blog, and now I read every post via my google reader.

ida said...

1. 28
2. Sweden
3. Often several times a day

limonana said...

wow! you look so much younger than 39! i'm also married, & i thought you were my age (27) & I'm in Canada soon to be Beijing, & I always come to your lovely blog every time you post!

la casita de wendy said...

two or three times a week!!!
i guess now i can say nice to meet or see you!!!!!!!!!

patrícia said...

25. portugal. everyday (via g.reader.

Rubyellen said...

almost 28.
southern california

you make everything look so pretty!!!

Rubyellen said...

sorry you asked country and answered state, but i guess it would be United States.


Kristina said...

Portland, Oregon, U.S.
Every day!

alice said...

hello elisabeth!

I read all your posts via Google Reader, and then will "come in" whenever I want to comment or just see something a little closer. :)

I'll second the idea of you posting some photos of when you were younger!

giulia sagramola said...

I read all your post daily because I'm subscribed to your feeds :)

Megan said...

1. 24
2. Seattle, WA (USA)
3. I use google reader, so I don't come to your actual blog often but I read every post! Your photos are beautiful.

chrrristine said...

pretty much every day!

katie said...

US- brooklyn, ny.
several times a week!

Stephanie Hellekson said...

28, Seattle, Whenever a new post shows up.

Anonymous said...

26. USA. a couple times per week.

danielle said...

hi hi. 24, us and i found your blog a few weeks ago... check nearly everyday. i enjoy the photos. danielle

Jordana said...

1. 30
2. Canada
3. Daily

rebecca said...

US (Oregon).
I visit daily as of last week!

It sure is nice that your elevator comes with "cozy light"!

denise said...

1. 28
2. US
3. When you show up on the google reader!

sal said...


Anonymous said...

1. 24
2. USA
3. Every time you post, you come up in my Google Reader :)

- Nadia P

kellie said...

Nice to meet you!
1. 35
2. Australia
3. google reader reader!

designani said...

Melbourne, Australia.

Kiss from Melbourne

Lucy said...

20, Australia, Almost every day, I love your blog but I don't comment much!


whitney said...

23, u.s.a., google reader.

emily said...

USA {Ohio}.
Every day you have a new post. :)

Your photos are so beautiful & inspiring, thank you for sharing them.

tracey said...

Every time you update - Google Reader

Jayme McGowan said...

1. 28
2. California, USA
3. just about every day :)

skatoprama said...

1. 33
2. Athens, greece
3. almost everyday
and yes, its nice of you to ask!

jarsika said...

Okay.... Number 1. How much do you love this blog?!?


1. 27
2. Arizona, US
3. As often as I can muster :)



Kelsey Parker said...

I just turned 26!
I live in San Francisco.
I subscribe to your feed, so every day that you post something!

Neža said...


Several times a week.

Nice to meet you. ;)
And thank you for all the inspiration and beautiful photos!

Martina said...

26, London, I stort sett varje dag för inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Everytime you update!

Owls go hoot said...

once or twice a week!

Anna Allen said...

1. 25
2. iowa, usa
3. mostly every day. :)

Anonymous said...

29, Australia, daily. (I bought and framed one of your lumi doll posters for my daughter earlier in the year. I've followed your blog since then. I really enjoy your photography and style).

ひこにゃん said...

Hej hej!
Jag ar 23, kommer fran japan!
Jag tycker om din blog mycket!!!

Kerstin Svendsen said...

hejsan ifran san francisco, calif. jag ar 36 o kommer hit nastan varannan dag. jag kollar nastan bara pa svenska bloggar nufortiden!

pia said...

pia, 19
san francisco
everyday :)

sarah said...

chicago, usa
3 x a week

Sursi said...

1. Kristen
2. US
3. Whenever there's a new post

Maggie said...

Perth, Australia
every post


Brita said...

Melbourne, Australia.
Every post

hiki said...

tokyo japan,
pretty much everyday(i enjoy it very much) ;)

you look great!!!

Billy said...

31, portuguese in Argentina. Read you via google reader. Not everyday, but a bunch of posts about once a week.

Carolina said...

38,Chile,every day

Looney Linley said...

15, United States, and I come here whenever your blog pops up in my following box :) I love you blog which has inspired a couple of DIY projects of my own (also love Design Sponge-- yay for guest blogging there)!


The U. S. of A.

Sarah said...

Everytime you post ;)

Renee' said...

I'm about to turn 40.
Washington, DC., USA
I keep an eye on your blog every day through my (dashboard); I actually come here probably 3-4 times a week. It's a lovely place to visit.

sulu-design said...

33 in 2 days. Married, no kids.
Every time you post.

beattie said...

2.Manly, Australia
3.each week
Thankyou, your essence is so playful and beautiful.

LincolnTaft said...


Erin said...

1. 30
2. Canada
3. I just added you to my RSS reader a couple of weeks ago...

caitlin said...

1. almost 27
2. oregon, u.s.a.
3. every day!

Liz said...

US (Illinois now but originally Minnesota)
Whenever you update!

fairiemoon said...

Actually, I usually visit several times a day hoping you'll post more pictures! But usually at least once!

I don't like pictures of myself either. Yuck. I have much better subjects in my kids!

Erin :)

roysie said...

25, USA, and I have you in my google reader so I automatically receive your blog updates! <3 the blog!

fairiemoon said...

Yikes. Am I the oldest one here? That makes me feel decrepit! And I feel so young inside!

Erin :)

ellie said...

Oregon, USA.
Whenever you have a new post :)

craftydabbler said...


I am 39.
I live in Seattle, WA USA
I use an rss feed, so whenever you post I see it.

vanya'sArt said...

Minnesota,formerly from Bulgaria,
I find your blog inspiring and fallow it several days of tha week

Anonymous said...

you do not look 39!

jeanamarie said...

3.when you update and i notice in my reader :)

i love your work :)


su49san said...

1. 60
2. Milwaukee, WI, USA
3. Almost daily

Jessica said...

1. 33 or 34, I forget.
2. USA
3. I subscribe so every time you post ;)

Erika said...

It's nice to see a picture of you...it doesn't matter what you look like of course but still, it is nice to put a face with this blog I like so much. I'm 34 and from Minneapolis, Minnesota US, I read you blog most days.

Bronwyn said...

Elisabeth, what a treat to see a picture of you! It was always a mystery...

I'm 45
living in B.C., Canada
I check in whenever you update.

I love your unique aesthetic.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, I am going to be 74 in a couple of weeks, I live in Seattle (USA), I visit your blog almost every day and I enjoy seeing what you find interesting. I lived in Sweden for a couple of years and I enjoy coming back to visit.

l o v e l y d e s i g n said...

1. 34
2. Canada
3. a few times a month or so.

I feel exactly the same way as you. When I was younger I didn't mind - even enjoyed having my photo taken. These days, not so much. It's sometimes shocking to see myself. I am looking worn out!

K. Christine said...

united states,
every time you post, as i follow the feed

pRiyA said...

Whenever a new post shows up

Kylie said...

Hi Elisabeth! 3 answers:

42, married, two girls (12 + 9 years old)
Almost every day I think :)

I like your photo - I'm camera-shy too.

K x

Lisa said...

United States
1-4 times/month

I love your photos, especially the light, the natural world, the bits and bobs, what i can glean about Sweden.

I am a mother of two as well, find it interesting how you document family life.


Thank you.

LAURA!!! said...

corona del mar, CA
Everyday (sometimes twice!) - i so enjoy it!

shopgirl said...

1. 27
2. Beijing
3. I read your blog via my google reader:)

A Day That is Dessert said...

I am 40 as of 2 weeks ago; I live in the USA (Seattle, WA) and I look at your blog every day via google reader, but don't click into your site every single day.

Anonymous said...

Every day

MamaShift said...

The range of ages here is inspiring. Yes for women!

You know, I think, but:

I follow in my reader and I click when you're killing me with something gorgeous!

MamaShift said...

The range of ages here is inspiring. Yes for women!

You know, I think, but:

41 (two girls 9 1/2 the other day and 4 today)
I follow in my reader and I click when you're killing me with something gorgeous!

PS It's always nice to see you.

ykloong said...

Hong Kong
Almost everyday!!! :)
love your blog so much!

o l y said...

01. 30
02. taiwan
03. and at least once every everyday


have a nice day !

melindatrees said...

2.tokyo, japan
3.most days.

fliss said...

hello Elisabeth,
lovely photo!
i'm 34,
i live in australia with my husband and 3 kids (one which arrived 5 days ago!).
I read your blog whenever i can, i love it, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

1. 27
2. Finland
3. du är i min rss-läsare :)

lepetitdoodler said...

1. 29 going on 30
2. United States
3. Every single day :)

I admire the little world you've created with your family, art work and flea market finds. Since discovering your charming blog earlier this year, I've made two purchases from your fine little shop: "The Fattest Boy in the World" book (which I've framed and plan to hang in my animation work space) along with the vintage embroidered painting of the boats. A real gem. I cherish your finds, and want you to know that your posts inspire me!
Thank you.

Veja cecilia said...

34, göteborg sverige. kollar in till dig minst 1 gång per dag!

maïze said...

every day!

i'm curious about Sweden, i visited your beautiful country this last summer. So i love to discover more about your way of life and creativity through your blog. Thank you!

Jeannette Mariae said...

49 år
Jeannette Mariae
Hver dag

ana said...

30. Slovenia. I come here when the feed comes and a couple times a month more :)

HL said...

As often as im online

you look so young like 29!!

........................................ said...

I'm 38.
I'm living in Paris.
your blog inspire me! I have a look almost every day.
thank you

lisen said...

27 (var tvungen o räkna..jag är född 82..glömmer ofta min egen ålder!?) Sverige + varje / varannan dag om jag har dator!

L'e dAns L'a said...

every day

Adrienn said...

26 years old
Hungary - Budapest
every day :)

hujour said...

2.Finland, Helsinki
3.Every day, it´s my daily routine.

Anonymous said...

1. 27
2. South Africa
3 Every day

Anonymous said...

rike and basti
1. 30 and 4
2. germany
3 every day

Nath said...


1. Nathalie
2. Montpellier, France
3. everytime you post

I discover you through studio violet

lili scratchy said...

every day!!!

gretchenmist said...

Melbourne, Australia
i read through google mostly, love your blog.
nice photo of you :)

Anna Emilia said...

Hej Elisabeth!

Finland (Now Germany)
With a pleasure every week

doris said...

36, Austria, your blog is in my feed-reader.

madelene said...

göteborg, sverige
kikar in vid varje ny post

MK said...

turning 35 soon.
Malaysian but living in Tokyo now.
almost everyday.

I like your blog :)

Hanna Päivikki said...

hei hei!

1. 28
2. finland
3. i think couple of times a week

RachelM said...

whenever you post :)

mettomot said...

42 live in Bangkok
every week
I love your blog and your pictures

e said...

27 comin' up!
när min reader säger till mej att jag borde. :D

Anonymous said...

1. 37
2. Belgium
3. every day

studiopatrick said...

every morning :)

sandra said...

30, sverige, varje gång du postat något nytt

monaka said...

28, finland/poland, each time you update and sometimes even more.


Louise said...

Pretty much everyday, it gladdens my heart!

Susan said...

I grew up in the US but now live in the Netherlands.
I read your blog every time you post, you're in my Bloglines.

Louise said...

ha forgot to say, I'm 21

mado said...

1• Madalena,
2• Lisbon,
3• At least once a day !!!

Sara said...

1. 33
2. Danmark
3. Et par gange om uge :)
Du har virkelig en dejlig blog

sara said...

36,skåne, flera gånger varje dag för en elisabehtiansk-dos

(senior) said...

Hi Elisabeth,
*I'am Giorgia, 28 years
*I live in a very little town near Modena, ITALY! and I study history of arts in Bologna
*every day

Nice too meet you :)

jana said...

26. spain. every evening. i love your photos and the things you surround yourself with.

alessandrataccia said...

39, italian but I live in England,almost everyday because you put a smile in my face:)

becka said...

Vancouver, Canada (but originally New Zealand)
Almost every day, its a favourite.

Lisa said...

1. 30
2. Germany
3. every time you update because I have you on RSS

misstee said...

Every time a new post comes up.

Stella Cheetham said...

Every post
3 teenagers and a dog

Anaïs said...

each 2 or 3 posts

élodie said...

30, france
and every day !

Ainhoa said...

This is the first comment I leave here but, answering your third question, I visit your blog almost every day. I love your pictures, they are so inspiring... and, by the way, your son is really cute. I´m 34 and I´m from Spain.

Anonymous said...

every day

....where is your great parka from?
thank you

Cecilie said...

1. 31
2. Norway
3. Every day

Love your photos! :)

Sammi said...


I love your picture (that is me right there in the picture that appears next to this).

I read your blog more or less daily.

I'm 21 and live in the United Kingdom, I am English

Elena said...

21, România. I have you in my reader, so I'm on your blog every time you post something new.
Take care ! Love your blog. :)

saga said...

stup i ett :)

Malwina Witkowska said...

27, I'm Polish but live in the UK, almost every day :)
your blog was among those that inspired me to create my own :)
you're also very welcome to visit :

Anonymous said...

Mónica, 36, Spain (Madrid), several times a week.

naa said...

You are pretty! And your glasses are so nice!
I'm 24, from Slovenia and I am here almost everyday. :) Your blog is one of my favorites!

Anonymous said...

My name is Chiara
I'm 26.
I'm from Udine, Italy.
I read your blog every day. Can't do without. You make my days happier!

Nice to meet you!!

mette/ungt blod said...

wow! så mange svar!
- 26 (første gang jeg har skrevet min alder ned siden jeg fyldte 26 for to uger siden)
- København, Danmark
- Hver gang du opdaterer!

tor said...

tor, 33
twice a week
and bought mr.mustache in london : )

Бистра said...

20, bulgaria, every day, your blog is my absolute number one!

Aurelia said...

Singaporean, living in Australia
Everyday :-)

Luise said...

1. 26
2. Berlin
3. on my daily blog routine :)

The Green Telephone said...

1. 29
2. Sverige (Frankrike under hösten dock)
3. ett par gånger i veckan.

Anonymous said...

1. 35
2. Spain
3. Every single day
Thank you for your pictures.

Christina said...

1. 23
2. originally finland but now all over
3. every day for about a year and a half now :)

PetraMaria said...



Kate said...

Melbourne, Australia
Almost every day, usually at work!

PottyMouthMama said...

1. 30
2. Australia
3. Every single day. I am hooked.

www.oladios.com said...

Not in my 20's anymore
Everyday or every other day ( can't get enough )

Maribeth said...

Hi ho!
I'm 43.
I live in Massachusetts, USA.
I come by every day now, because it is fun.
XO Maribeth

Goretti said...

Sunny Barcelona. Spain
Almost everyday.
You make want to move to Scandinavia!

Yellowgoat said...

1. A lady never review her age or weight in public
2. Hong Kong
3. Your blog is among my top 20 list. ;D Very often, whenever you have post pop up in my reader.

Anonymous said...

1. 38
2. Iceland
3. Every week

Anonymous said...

39 as well, I live in Ireland and I read your blog everyday. Very inspiring!

Laura said...

Hi :)

I'm Laura. I live in Manchester in the UK at the moment, and grew up quite close from here in Cheshire. Like you, I used to take many self portraits when I was younger, now I don't like to anymore. I'm 24.

You are in my google reader so almost every day :)

red umbrellas in the rain said...

1. 23
2. South Africa
3. Every single day!!

Thank you for such a lovely blog :)

Flora said...

1. 27
2. France
3. quite often, almost every post is seen/read :)

Mai said...

1/ 31
2/ France
3/ when you update new post !

erin power said...

i'm 34, i live in birmingham in the UK, and i subscribe to your blog through rss. i absolutely adore your website. your job is my dream. :)

ingen fara på taket said...

Jag använder mig av Bloglovin

Arida said...

28, Netherlands, daily

alana said...

Everyday for the beauty
I can't wait until I know who I am

Maria said...

Every day


GrassNaps said...

Oregon, USA

kristina said...

32, sverige (lund), varje gång du uppdaterar :-)

sophie said...

i'm 35
live in melbourne, Australia
Visit every few days, tucked up in bed after a long day!

nathalie et cetera said...

wow! so many comments!

famapa said...

london (fast från stockholm)
varje gång det pluppar upp ett nytt upplägg i min google reader.

fiiiiiiiin mössa!

Judy said...

28,Spain,everyday :D
No kids yet. Looking at your blog helps me find out who I am, it's a daily struggle and delight.

Thanks so much for dedicating time to yourself and us!

The Grassy Garden said...

Tokyo, Japan
Couple of times a week

Lovely reads :)

wsake said...


Caterina Pérez said...

almost every day ...in silence...

thank you

sk said...

USA (florida)
whenever i see a new post.

i love your blog, it is so sweet and inspiring...thank you!

agathe halais said...

3-Everyday, it's always a pleasure to see your lovely works. And like Virginia Woolf said "Let us not take it for granted that life exists more fully in what is commonly thought big than in what is commonly thought small"

Thank you

Agnieszka said...

Hi, Elisabeth :)

1. I'm 32
2. Poland, Warsaw
3. Everyday

I think, this blog is a beautiful and inspiring place :)

Anonymous said...

Jag följer dig via feeds

och blir alltid inspirerad av de vackra bilderna.

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