Drove all day

We are in Järbo, at my mothers place. Rented a car and drove 50 miles up the country, more or less spontaneous yesterday. Everything is calm and nice here. Today we visit Kungsgården to look at Gästrik konst and experience an local auction.

We make words.


nath said...

Lovely chairs at the auction! Did you get anything? I liked the look of that battered red trike.

Camilla Engman said...

jag antar att du köpte allt! Eller eventuellt att du satt och grät ;)
Hoppas ni har det skönt.

Karin said...

Roligt att åka på utflykt och auktion är ju aldrig fel! / Karin

Fine Little Day said...

Nath, I didn´t bought anything here actually. But a couple of things on a flea market 20 minutes later :)

Sam Lormans said...

Hello Elisabeth
Been following your website on a regular base and looking forward to the new collection. Also thanks for the good delivery of the things I bought during your sale! Was also in Järbo last weekend (have a summerhouse in Amot). Wanted to ask you; How can I find out more about local auctions? Would love to do some treasure hunt for the house:-) Thanks and good luck with the collection! SAM