I admit, even if I have found my dream summer house now I still browse Hemnet,
for pictures like these ones. There are so many beautiful old houses out there that
is nice to look at. Like this house, or this, or this.

Here, some gathered photos of our place. And some other photos as well.
Remember when I was out photographing here?
Here (almost a year after) is the result, photos for an advertising brochure
for Liseberg.

Our place at Designtripper also.

Said it before, Cargo collective is a great web page tool.



quirky collective said...

if Hemnet shipped worldwide, i would definitely have one of those as a second home to 'plant' in the British countryside, preferably fully furnished so as to rummage through some wonderful finds! thanks for sharing.

Ana Degenaar said...

uuhhhh! Love that place!

Anna Emilia said...

Lovely to have my evening tea in your summer house Elisabeth. Always so beautiful your work.

= lingonsmak said...

had a look at your pictures at cargo ... like them so much. you have a beautiful look at your surrounding!

Unknown said...

For et nydelig sted med sjel!

Lotta Sultan said...

fanken vad du är duktig!
mäkta imponerad.
jag undrar hur det där carco collective funkar. är mycket intresserad av en sida ungefär så som din är upplagd...

Fine Little Day said...

Tack Lotta! Man ansöker om ett konto på Cargo, skicka iväg ett mail till dem bara. Tror att du kan hitta mer info på deras hemsida. Det är ett toppenverktyg! Och gratis.

Ashley mo said...

so interesting!
peace and love in there-
nice place :)

Anonymous said...

how gorgeous! the sort of house i would dream of when i was little, maybe with some red and white checked curtains and daisies in the garden :-)

emma said...

ja herregud. bara för att man köpte ett par snygga skor en gång så blir man ju inte blind för alla andra skor. så att säga. eller HUS. för den delen. fast man kanske inte köper ett par hus till ... :)
tack för detta smakprov. smakade MYCKET gott som ögongodis. MUMMA!

Kaylovesvintage said...

you got me going.....had to stop myself not to buy a second home...lalalalalal

fairiemoon said...

Oh Yay! I love looking at these houses and dreaming. I have really fallen in love with yours through your photographs though. It has such a nice mix of cozy and old. I have to admit, your photography inspires me.

Thanks for the houses!

Laia Jufresa said...

wow, enough pictures for a morning of happy browsing! thanks for sharing

e said...

Åh vad kul att se bilderna från Liseberg. Jättefina!

Tack igen för att jag fick va´med.
Hoppas vi ses nån gång igen.


Saskia schuchmann said...

Hi ,
The house in Dala Floda is very nice !
I have a summerhouse close to that one .
Dala Floda is lovely
Love your site .
Regards from Holland Saskia

Anonymous said...

Otroligt vackert torp.